Albert Einstein, E=MC2 and the Law of Attraction








Einstein has been quoted on several occasions discussing what is easily recognizable as the Law of Attraction. He understood the power that dreaming has on reality, yet he never came right out and used the words “Law of Attraction.” And as a result it has led many people to adamantly claim that he had nothing to do with it.

But lets take a quick look at one of the most famous mathematical equations of all time; E=MC2. Everyone is familiar with it, but many people don’t even know what it means! So let’s break it down;

“E” is “energy”

“M” is “mass”

“c” represents the speed of light, or celeritas

Squared means that the number is multiplied by itself, so in this equation the speed of light is multiplied by itself.

In words, the equation states that Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. It still sounds a bit like gobbledygook, so now let’s elaborate!

The equation states that all mass is simply energy, and that mass and energy are interchangeable. You, your computer, the table it sits on, the food you eat is at its most basic, energy. No matter how solid an object appears, it is comprised of atoms, and atoms are made of even smaller things that don’t break down into anything other than pure energy.


E=MC2, written as is, actually suggests taking small amounts of mass and creating large amounts of energy. This formula resulted in the atom bomb, but is actually not as Einstein originally wrote it. The original equation spoke of the possibility of creating mass from energy. The equation was first written as m=E/C2. The difference is conceptual since mathematically there’s no real difference. But written in this way we see that he was trying to explain our existence, not unmake it!

In order to understand how this really relates to the Law of Attraction, we have to understand a few key things about what we call “energy.”

Energy is not something that can be created or destroyed; it simply changes form and this includes being formless as well. Energy is constantly vibrating, and the objects that we perceive as solid are actually just energy vibrating at very low “frequencies.” Frequencies are what we call the wavelengths that the vibrating creates, and energy vibrates at different speeds which causes different frequencies. These waves of energy are attracted to other waves just like themselves, or in other words one frequency attracts another that is the same wavelength as itself.

So if these statements about energy are true, and if all that exists is nothing more than energy vibrating at different speeds, then this tells us some pretty fantastic things about the entire universe. It means that like really does attract like. Such as your thoughts, which are made of energy and are constantly attracting more energy on that same wave length.

Einstein understood this, not only in writing the E=Mc2 equation but in his day to day life. One of the most often re-printed quotes from Albert Einstein is;

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Had he really conceived of the Law of Attraction as we know it today? We have no way of knowing. But what we do know is that he understood our power to affect the world around us in both constructive and destructive ways. He knew that our minds held the key to transforming our very lives, and he knew that using the concept of “like attracts like” was a major step in the right direction.

by : I Love The Secret


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