Spongebob Cake


These Cake I made for my lovely son Marvin on his 9th Birthday..

I know it’s far away from perfect..

I guess i have to learn more to make better cake next time ..….♣♣ (^_^)♣♣.. ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ Ђƺђƺ Ђƺђƺ..♡*..

But I’m proud of my self i could make it with my own hands…

one thing!!! Keep Learning and never give up ..,~ºha°˚ha ˚°haºº°ha˚ ˚ha°~


BTw…the brown Cake is made by my Mother in law ..also for my son’s birthday...¸.•*¨) =)) ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ ¸.•*¨) =)) нεнεнεнεнε =)) ː̗̤̣̀̈̇ː̖́ Ђƺђƺ Ђƺђƺ..and He’s so happy with all his birthday’s cakes..
…♣♣ (^_^)♣♣..


By : MyBeautyBlue


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